Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nesting....trying to nest....list too long....

So you know I have babies at home.
You know I like my world neat and organized.
You know I'm crazy because I like a neat world and I'm about to have baby #4.

It has been three and a half months since the car crashed into our house.  I would have never thought that it would take this long.  In that time, there has been an ice storm, a snow storm and a wind storm.... to the contractor's defense.  However..... I need to prepare the birthroom.  I need to make cookies and freeze them (yes, you get cookies when you have babies at home LOL).

This morning, I spent my time gathering the full list of items to send to our contractor so we could say "done."  Now, I need to help the girls sort through about five more boxes of randomness.  This was not their fault - the boxes were packed up by the painters or contractors when they came to repair the cracks all along the walls and ceiling.  I think when I can return to them the full responsibility of cleaning their room - I'll feel more at ease.

Coming soon...
Photos of the girls room (if we can get it really cleaned up)
Photos of the completed house outside and the bricks being torn off.
Photos of the birth room prepared for baby Micah :-)

Next Monday I will be at 37 weeks.  Technically it would be safe to have this baby then.  I would like for him to hold off for another week at least.  I have a list of things to do and he needs to fatten up anyway.  But --- it could be anytime--  Watch for updates!  I'll definitely update my FaceBook and Twitter when I go into labor.  I will do my best to upload a quick blog announcement but no promises!  Thanks for being a part of our crazy "car-crashing-into-our-house-and-repairs-happening-right-up-to-when-we're-about-to-have-a-baby" lives!

Love, Carra