Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Normal...what's that?

There are few things more awesome than having a baby.  And there are fewer things that rock your life more than having a baby.  Pete and I are now outnumbered by our children.  It is a hilarious, delightful, chaotic place to be.  Let me explain the chaotic part...
  • Showering happens when it is most possible (not when its convenient, just even possible)
  • Bathing the girls - happens when it is possible (Gracie is a more independent shower-er, therefore overall a cleaner kid)
  • Dishes - I am trying with great effort to stay on top of this.  Pete has made the kitchen look so awesome and I long to share another update if I can keep it clean enough for me to run grab the camera from beside Zade's bed (you never know when there will be a cuteness moment to capture).
  • Laundry - I've never enjoyed laundry (my mother-in-law loves it).  I feel capable but not fulfilled by completion of the laundry.  There is no completion of the laundry anyway so its a good thing that it does not give fulfillment.
  • Reading - ha ,ha, ha
  • Researching - okay it is reading but for a definite purpose.  I read Healthy Sleep Habits and the book on Fertility Awareness while I nurse Zade (unless I fall asleep nursing Zade trying to read how to help him sleep...is that ironic to you, too?)
  • Time with the Lord - I miss being able to write my prayers.  I prefer to prayer journal because it keeps my mind from going on rabbit trails.  Here's how it happens when I am not writing down my prayers:
"Father I am so grateful for all you give us, thank you for blessing us with good food from farmers who are our friends.  I need to call and get an extra gallon of milk this week {trying to get back on track}...Thank you for our friends who are providing us with good milk, bless them as they are expecting a baby.  Bless my dear friend who is also pregnant.  I need to make her baby gifts...{see what I mean?}
This is my life right now.  One day last week I knew I had 45 minutes.  I could teach Gracie or take a shower.  I thought for a few seconds, handed her two worksheets and said, "Do the best you can and I'll help you if you get stuck...when I get out of the shower." :-)  I feel it was the right decision.

Just know that I probably am stinking right now just to blog for you.  But you're worth it.  (and Gracie did get some actual school today too. :-)

Love, Carra