Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wrapping Mattress (DIY)

Please see my previous posts on preventing SIDS

One aside before the DIY:
Don't be mislead!
My SIDS soapbox is not about "cheap" mattresses that off-gas. The
mattresses (even those with special covers and toppers) are treated with flame retardant chemicals. So even though someone says - "Oh I got a good mattress - no worries," it does not matter. The only safe options (unwrapped) are going to be natural latex (like from savvy rest) or an organic cotton mattress. Even if the mattress you buy says "Eco, Soy, Plant Derived or Bio" it is often still a polyurethane foam (mixed with some healthy stuff). Just watch closely for PVC vinyl wrapped mattresses. Bad and often not disclosed. ----------------------------------------
As promised, here are pictures and instructions for wrapping your mattresses. We just graduated Faith up to a "big girl" bed. Since we aren't in a position to purchase the natural latex mattresses for the girls, we made sure their beds are wrapped.

1. You can purchase the wraps already cut to size or purchase a roll of 6 mil clear plastic sheeting (not PVC or Polyurethane) and cut enough to completely cover the mattress with overlap.

2. You want to wrap the mattress like a gift so that all of the seams are on the bottom (whichever you determine is the bottom). Clear tape is the ideal. This is semi-clear packing tape I'm using.

3. Ironically, you now need to cut a few vent holes in the plastic on the underside of the mattress. We want to stop the off-gassing the mattress, but it still needs a minimum amount of ventilation. The jagged holes prove I'm not a perfectionist (LOL)! It's going to be on bottom anyway.

4. Now you make the bed! Make sure vent holes are down and all seams are thoroughly taped shut. I have a wool blanket and an all cotton mattress cover then the fitted sheet. It makes the bed a little softer. It also cuts down on the "crinkly" sound that is an unavoidable result of the wrapped mattress.

Happy Wrapping!



Suzanne Boyd said...

Hi, I found your blog and I like it! I'm wondering where you purchased the 6 MIL roll of plastic and if it was food grade. Thanks! Suzanne

Carra said...

We found it at Home Depot and it doesn't say "food grade" but the chemical components are safe according to the website that instructs proper mattress wrapping. Glad you like the blog! I took a look at yours. - What a fun time!

Suzanne Boyd said...

Thanks for responding! One last question, what website are you
referring to that provides instruction on mattress wrapping? I would like to check it out.,,

Thanks for checking out my blog. It's been awhile since I updated it but I hope to get back into it soon. Thanks again!

Carra said...

Here's a site that has pictures as well for the crib mattress

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