Friday, November 30, 2012

When a car crashes into a house on Thanksgiving Day

We weren't home. To say "Praise God" doesn't quite express it. When Zade's favorite box of toys were literally thrown across the room. When Faith's favorite couch was shoved so hard that it broke a table and prevented the front door from opening. That is much more than a "higher being" watching out for you.  That is my God who is protector, provider, sustainer, and Savior.
Thanksgiving Day. One week plus ago. A gentleman who was on his way to dinner at our neighbor's house went to repark and his accelerator got stuck and he hopped the curb, made an arch and a reasonably large hole in our house. He's okay. He could have hit the tree and he would have been badly hurt. He could have hit the center part of the living room and according to the structural engineer the upper floor would have likely fell in (Gracie and Faith's room).
Five feet. One car width give or take. But God allowed him to hit the window, and some brick. Oh it did some damage....but could have been so much worse.
I'm not sure how I feel. It's a pretty surreal experience. I do not like returning home from Thanksgiving weekend (we knew what had happened b/c we have awesome neighbors!) & going directly to a hotel. Even a nice one with breakfast. It feels so disconnected.
But now yesterday the structural engineer came, our assessor form Farm Bureau, our new friends from Paul Davis Restoration (who answered the phone on a holiday)....and we were cleared to move back home! We don't have use of our living room or dining room but that's okay. We put the baby gates back up to keep Zade out of there because of the glass shards.
We decided yesterday to work through our own homeowners insurance (& stop trying to get a major propery repair done through the auto insurance liability). The driver's insurance will still pay up to whatever liability limit he has, but this way we don't have to be the learning curve on this. It feels way better. Our assessor knows the business and how to make homeowners feel cared for. I appreciate that.  I promise...more updates as we go along.
Love, Carra


Tricia F said...! SO glad for God's protection!

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Lisa said...

I'm so sorry that this happened, Carra, but I am praising God along with you that you weren't home and that the second floor didn't cave in!