Saturday, June 8, 2013

Coconut Oil Cure (with amusement)

All my kids have had it....
Cradle cap.
Or as I would define it: weird, scaly, moist, dandruff-like funky patches on their heads

This was the first time I used coconut oil to treat it. I use coconut oil to treat many, many things. Essential oils, colloidal silver and coconut oil (used separately) cure just about everything that effects my family.

I knew to lightly scrub his head with a toothbrush (hence the very groovy hairstyle). But about 30 minutes before I put him in the tub, I slathered that little head with coconut oil. Once in the tub, I began with the toothbrush. He didn't complain at all! And after a shampoo his head looked perfectly clear!

And for each of the older kids, once the stuff was scrubbed (gently) off once, it never came back. I only know what's been true for our kids - I don't know if it comes back on other babies/kids or not. Hopefully not!

So if you have a baby with a scaly funk on his or her head, grab the coconut oil (& a toothbrush).

Love, Carra
P.S. for those curious, we use Aubrey Organics Natural Baby & Kids Shampoo