Friday, March 25, 2011

I'd Like to Introduce You to Someone...

My friend and colleague Michelle shared a review of the book Imaginary Jesus (here).  She shared on her blog about her own "imaginary Jesus" (here).  I was inspired and wanted to share with you my own.

My imaginary Jesus was "Fix It Right Away Jesus"
I lived most of my life being very familiar with the Gospel, Jesus and christianisty.  One aspect of God's character that I "missed" most of my life was the gift of suffering.  If I was in pain (emotional, physical or just uncomfotable) - I would pray.  This pain was most likely an accident that it had come into my life.  Fix it Right Away Jesus would say "oops didn't mean to let that discomfort happen to you."  

About 10 years ago my "Fix it Right Away Jesus" was confronted with the Real Jesus.  A friend shared his testimony to a Bible study I was in - a tragic story of loss - I could barely handle hearing it.  But he challenged us, "Here's wishing you hard times."  Fix it Right Away Jesus knew the gig was up. Real Jesus was in control of everything that happened to me - even the hard things.

Real Jesus showed how He would be with me through the tough times, not flying in to relieve me of my every discomfort.  I have had more pain in my life in the last couple of years (see here, here and here) than ever before.  I'm so glad I met the Real Jesus.  Instead of the imaginary Fix it Right Away Jesus who said, "get away from this pain" -- the Real Jesus held me close and challenged me to lean into the pain.  Real Jesus has led me to know Him better because of the pain.  Real Jesus allowed the pain into my life and is sovereign over both good and bad.

Even now, "Fix it Right Away Jesus" sometimes shows up in my fears of the unknown and suggests I manipulate my situation to escape. But Real Jesus challenges me to trust Him more, He gives the pain meaning and through Him I experience real peace.  Thanks Michelle for challenging us to consider the imaginary Jesus in our lives.  Who is your "imaginary Jesus?"

Love, Carra

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Creative Camera Work

So we bought a new camera....The old one had some issues.....Pete fixed the issues (by knocking it off the desk - yes, on purpose).  It now works better. 

Gracie wanted to take some pictures.  We decided to let her use our old camera.  Most of the videos and pictures - we were completely unaware she was taking.  Nothing like being caught on film to make you accountable LOL!  Here's a creative song she made up and filmed one day when we were occupied doing other things. I'm impressed.  What do you think?