Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Toothpaste Follow Up

Check out my previous post: "Opening a can of...toothpaste"

We just saw a pediatric dentist who saw both girls at the same time. I stayed in the closet about our stance with flouride and just observed what they did. The girls did really great!  Kept mouth open, didn't fidget - pretty amazing actually.

At the end of the visit, I was given a overview of their teeth condition.  Faith had a tiny bit of tarter and he expressed concern about her overbite (She is a passionate thumb-sucker).  I asked about Gracie's overbite because she sucked her thumb until she was almost five.  The dentist said that Gracie's teeth were fine and he didn't see any overbite.  Hmmmmm...... So Gracie stopped sucking her thumb before her permanent teeth came in, and after a little over a year, her teeth are in perfect alignment.

I love the fact that my girls sucked their thumbs - they never lose it (like a pacifier) and can comfort themselves at night without the mommy (that's me - in my bed sleeping :-) ).  But I was concerned about eventual braces. Wouldn't it be cool if God designed us that way?  That the thumb is a gift to the tired mommy and if kids give up the habit earlier enough, their teeth naturally go back to their proper position?

I mentioned this (at least a paraphrase) to the dentist.  He was certain that teeth didn't go back on their own. Well, Gracie hadn't been to "this" dentist before, but she had been to others.....all which warned me about her overbite.  Yup, the overbite that no longer exists.  Maybe a unique occurrence....but certainly something that God did.

The hygienists encouraged us to definitely use fluoride toothpaste on Faith and begin adding a fluoride rinse for Gracie.  They've never had more than a teaspoon of fluoride toothpaste in their whole lives... and no cavities.  I think we're going to stick with what we've been doing :-) ...maybe floss a little more often...


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Homeschool Musings

We're beginning our homeschool journey. Honestly, it is harder to figure out than I expected, but when it goes well - I'm soooo excited. Gracie is somewhere between Kindergarten and First Grade. So I say she's in "Fir-indergarten." It's amazing that we can cover 6 subjects in less than two hours a day! We're only a few weeks in, but I'm hooked.

One of my favorite things is the variety of subjects. I love that she can spend time learning different things from us. Pete shows her all kinds of animals and insects (she is comfortable touching many random creatures including snakes!). He also taught her how to work a tape measure and throw a frisbee. I say that's biology, woodworking and phy ed!

You can see my influence here. Yes, she is operating a hand sander solo. I'm not sure what to call the subject ...environmental science? ...economics? (since she's learning the value of natural renovation and improving older furniture to save money).

Well, it's time for culinary arts (she'll help me make dinner).


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

PG-13 Breastfeeding Advice

Not everyone who reads this blog is a pregnant lady. Some of you are, hoping to be, hoping never to be LOL. I originally rote this for my cousin who just had her first baby. Regardless of your state (or unstate) of motherhood, you may find some of my thoughts interesting. If not, see you later!

1. You have to train your baby to breastfeed. You will be training that kid to do stuff his whole life and it starts at birth. Babies have a natural inclination to suck, but they need your help to get it right. This website is awesome (and graphic!). Dr. Jack Newman has videos of proper latch technique, how to correct a poor practices and lots of choices of position for your comfort. I was really, really helped by this site after Faith was born – she was a tough kid to get latched correctly.

2. DON’T WORRY! Your body was created for this. The milk is great even from day one. People say the baby might not be getting enough milk because the milk hasn’t “come in” yet. Phooey! If diapers are getting wet, then liquid is going in. Listen for regular swallowing – that’s a good indication. If you use the epidural, then the baby will get that medication. So she may need to “come off” the meds before she’s vigorous enough to get into nursing.

3. Speaking of Breasts…

  • After each time your baby nurses, rub lightly some of your own breast milk onto your nipples. Then let them “air out” until they’re dry. Never underestimate the healing power of light and air on these sensitive areas.
  • When you shower (even now) don’t allow soap to get on your nipples. It dries them and messes us the oil glands (those little bumps on the areola).
  • Wear loose clothing (even no bra – even though you’ll drip- just use a burp cloth to catch it) and of natural fibers (100% cotton, etc)
  • Avoid “pulling” her off the breast. Be really gentle when breaking the suction. (One little finger pressing into the breast should ease her off.)
  • After your milk comes in (usually six days or less), if you are suffering from painful fullness (and the baby’s not taking enough to relieve you), you can put cabbage leaves in your bra. This was a huge help.
Hope these tips and experiences are of benefit to you (sooner, later or never). So if you see me a few weeks after my baby is born, you may wonder... "Do I smell cabbage?"