Monday, February 23, 2009

Makers Diet - Day One

Yep, we've read the book and applied some of the principles, but not it's time to drink the kool aid (actually that's not really allowed, so drink the organic tea). I was journaling last night before I want to bed. Here's an excerpt:

Why haven't I done this yet? Am I really waiting until it gets easier? It's never going to be a good time to feel bad, just like it's never a good time to be nauseous for three months [as in pregnancy]. So I guess if I'm going to do this, it better start tomorrow.

So with Pete fully on board, we are beginning the 40 day experiment. It has been five hours now and it's not so bad. I do wish I could have a piece of toast.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sore Throats and Runny Noses

Several people have asked how we handle being sick. I think like most people, keep trying to function and make ourselves as comfortable as possible. I have a truly lovely photo of Faith's walrus nose that my hilarious husband took (but I will spare you, LOL). It is much worse than this one.

So as I am writing this, my ear s and throat hurts and my 18 month old has a runny nose and is generally irritable. We're sick, game on.

For the girls - They just went to bed. In their room we have a humidifier with eucalyptus and purify essential oils. We put about four drops of
each in the little tray thing at the top. We also drip eucalyptus on their pillows (two drops). Purify stains so we don't put it on bedding. They brushed their teeth with Dentarome to kill bacteria.

For dinner I upped the spice and made stir fry with leeks, peppers, cabbage, etc. and added lots of ginger, curry, etc. They each ate an applesauce laced with vitamin C and grapefruit seed extract to boost their immunity. It's best to give these before bed - seems to improve their effectiveness.

Before dinner they had a bath. I put about five drops of eucalyptus and five drops of tea tree oil in the bath swirled it around and let them soak in it a little longer than usual.

Tomorrow we'll limit milk products (for the mucus) and keep trying to boost our immunity. We'll keep up these measures until we're all better.

* * * * *

Several friends have asked about the essential oils. I just found this website with a video and decided to try one of the testimonials. Like I said, my throat is hurting. Sooooo I took some thieves oil and put it directly under my tongue. – Seriously – just now. It burned!!! I drank water and forced myself to swallow it. My mouth does not burn anymore and my throat is remarkably better. I feel like I did a product test right here with you LOL. Anyway - young living makes very good oils, but they are very expensive. Thieves, Relieve it and Panaway are unique blends I can't find a comparable substitute for, so we just bite the budget on those. We have a friend (Gloria) who is a distributor, so I’m sure she would appreciate the business if you decided to try some.
I linked the other oils to Lucky Vitamin. You may find a better deal - this site has been my favorite for shipping costs, speed and overall price. I wish I received a discount for plugging their company, but right now, it’s just a way I can share the info. Here's a couple more sites that may be of use: The Herbs Place and Wholistic Scents. As you can tell from the burning false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Thieves experience just moments ago - I am far from an expert. Let me know what you try and how it works for you!

* * * * *

One of our students came over the other night and we were chatting about our lifestyle. He said, "Two habits too expensive to get into: drinking and eating healthy." Thanks Kenny LOL!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Coupon Follow Up

Okay, I did try the grocery game, and I also tried going online to find and print coupons. I want to say that if we weren't so far off the end of normal - those would be valuable pursuits. But we are, so they are not (for us). I was talking to a friend about Mambo Sprouts and their coupons you can find a Earthfare and Whole Foods. And because we avoid the refined sugars, a lot of the bars and things you can get in there are still outside of our diet. So....drumroll......I am giving up coupons.

I'm trying to learn where God wants me to place my energies. (caution, rabbit trail) I have been reading Strong Women, Soft Hearts (amazing). This book, added to several other awesome God--given inputs into my life right now, has been challenging me to focus on my real dreams and desires.

Since I really dream of eating all natural food obtained from local farmers, I realize that to save money I need to learn to eat more "in season," put things up for the winter, and make more frugal recipes. It feels good to let the coupons go. ;-)