Friday, August 19, 2011

Chair Renovation

So while Pete has been upstairs making the kitchen look lovely, I've been working on a project that will hopefully improve our dark den.
Here is one of two IKEA chairs that I bought off craiglist for $20 total. They were in pretty bad shape (as you can see in the blue chair picture). They are only about $79 each new but I would rather save the $160, select the fabric I want and see how I would do in redoing a chair.
So the fabric I found on (and got 15% off and 2% cash back from ebates) for about $25. I have enough for both chairs (I've only sewn one chair cover so far) and two throw pillows.
I spend a lot of time in our den (which is also homeschool room, student training room, staff meeting room, workout space, computer lab and game room (well, a shelf full of board games and a foosball table) - as well as a bedroom when my family visits and ironing room for the extremely rare occassions I actually iron something. So I want to have a functional space, but I have longed for a pretty space too. These chairs are another step in that direction.
Next step, a coat of all natural paint for these walls! But that's a post for another day ;)
Love, Carra

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Cork Floors!!!

Right now even as I type this, my awesome husband is installing our new cork (yes, I said cork!) floors in the kitchen. We pretty much returned from Colorado, took a weekend trip 6 hrs away to Gatlinburg to celebrate a family birthday, hosted a three day staff planning time, took 22 students from UNC Greensboro to train them how to share about Christ and lead Bible studies --- all in two weeks!!!
So amid and amidst all that, pete scraped up the older flooring & began laying the new flooring.I currently have a refrigerator but no stove yet back in place. Can't wait to share the "after" pictures!
Love, Carrra