Friday, October 1, 2010

Pregnancy update and belly picture

Last Sunday after church I was preparing lunch.  Of course I had definitely thrown off the shoes.  So there I was...all dressed up but barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.  Pete thought that was an opportunity not to be missed.  I posed and he snapped the photo. This is the belly at the end of the second trimester.

I saw my midwife this week. Everything is looking great with the pregnancy - even my iron levels!  The main thing I have to do is to walk.  I'm trying to walk for 30 minutes everyday.  I have been really slack on walking. It feels like I've has so many things going haywire that consistency has been tough.  I'd appreciate prayers for me to focus on getting this walk in.  Two different midwives have told me that apart from any other exercise- the absolute best indicator of an easy labor and delivery is walking.  Two miles / 30 minutes a day minimum.

Three weeks ago I developed some gall bladder pain.  I certainly recommend being kind to your gall bladder - that pain was tough!  I had to employ my "labor mindset" once again to help get through them. Gratefully with more diet changes I had been able to more or less live pain-free (except for two bad days in the middle where I was a little too bold in my food choices).  Once the baby is born and life re-balances, I plan to try a natural cleanse.  Since that's several months out - I haven't decided which one to go for.  Anyone tried a cleanse for gall bladder issues?



April said...

Cute picture!

Michelle said...

When you say "natural cleanse" are you referring to the salt & warm water thing you told me about? Or is there some other form that you can share?

Carra said...

Nope, actually the gall bladder cleanse is more intensive and lasts several days. I know olive oil and lemon juice are part of it. I'm sure I'll be blogging about it once I try this thing LOL!

Patty said...

Carra!!!!! You look so good! I'm so happy for you! I just took a random stop by your blog (which is now bookmarked so I can stop by more often) and saw the happy news! I still miss you and still think (especially since you're cutting down on fried foods :) that you need to come live somewhere near me! hehe :)
~Patty Cain