Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What's playing in your minivan?

I got a text from a friend the other day asking about kid music I play in the van. I just don't. I hope to add music for learning stuff once we get more into the homeschool groove. But I honestly find most kid music irritating. So my girls just learn to enjoy what I enjoy. We play a little old-timey twangy stuff like "I'll Fly Away" (think "O Brother Where Art Thou") and I play Axel F (crazy frog version) from my teen/childhood years but mostly contemporary Christian like KLove and locally WBFJ. They can sing along to "Hosanna" and "I am Free."

But just this morning I was exploring a blogroll found this! It is so hilarious and so true!

Go Fish - Maybe I will start playing kid music in the van. ;-)


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Been pondering...

I have been pondering lately....

I shared a few weeks ago about my Mawmaw who has a very aggressive cancer. The cancer is essentially stealing her body. But she also has Alzheimer's which is stealing her mind. I was taking a walk this morning and pondering the harshness of that. I think about what life "should be" like - no miscarriages, no cancer and certainly no Alzheimer's disease. This is no Eden.

And I ponder the "way a man is with a maid" and the look of my children playing in joyous exuberance of a muddy ditch and the closeness I feel of God's presence when I sit still on a chilly, sunny day. This is a little taste of Eden.

This is my Mawmaw with me. She doesn't know who I am and sometimes she thinks my daughters are sons. She longs for home where her mama is. She's a great-grandmother and truly the Proverbs 31 matriarch of the family. But inside she's still a girl that misses her husband and her little children and her mama and daddy.

Since she is no longer cooking or cleaning, my mom and her siblings are beginning to try to clear out some of the accumulated household articles. There are a boatload of grand kids but only a few of us really gravitate toward the "old" stuff. I'm grateful that this big blue porcelain coated pot was among the items available. Every time I use this pot, I think of Mawmaw. That day I was heating up my jars to can some chicken and broth. ...reminding me to pursue excellence in my calling to be a Proverbs 31 woman.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Stuffy Noses and Bonked Heads - I heart essential oils!

A few days ago I shared the homemade hand sanitizer with Tea Tree oil. Did you know that tea tree is both antiviral, anti-fungal? It is one of the most powerful antiseptics and has no known allergic reaction. It is a true favorite.

So I am a big fan of the essential oils in a bottle. My favorite or at least most frequent use of any oil is eucalyptus and water. I call it the "Stuffy Nose, But Not Full-Tilt Cold Nighttime Spray" (SNBNFTCNS for short)

SNBNFTN Spray Recipe
20 drops of eucalyptus into a 8 ounce bottle of water

Spray all around the room where your stuffy-headed sweetheart is sleeping. Be careful because the spray will drop down and can irritate the eyes. Spray away from faces, especially yours. :)

How do you like the shiner on Faith? Another common reason we use oils is for pain killer. Faith decided to hurry out a door that was partially closed. It popped out right away and I dashed upstairs with her to grab an oil. Lavender is my first pick for the "Hit My Head" need but it was in the van. So the most available one? Tea tree. :-) I dropped two drops on my finger and lightly applied it to her head. She stopped crying immediately - I'm absolutely serious. These oils are mega-super-ultra amazing for immediate pain relief.

If she had fell and hit her leg, I would have dropped it directly on the leg. But since oils are so strong, I use extra precautions when using around the face. The vapors (as mentioned above) can get into their eyes. They usually dislike that.

So if you are a newbie to the essential oils deal - grab a bottle of eucalyptus, lavender and tea tree. If you buy at Earthfare or Whole Foods probably cost around $30 for all three. If you buy online (my fav is Lucky Vitamin) - you can get them for about $16 plus shipping. Plan to be amazed!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blog Award and News

Did you know I have exciting news? Okay - it probably doesn't matter to you at all -but I'm getting remodeled!! As a gift, my sweet husband has given me a blog remodel from Designer Blogs. It should be up by the end of the month and I am super-excited. I really enjoy pretty things and there are ways that I have wanted my blog to look and just couldn't "get them" to look that way. Anyway - just wait. I'm in the queue so even I'm not sure when it will all be done.

So I just received my very own blog award and I am so honored to be given by my friend April. She is quite the thrifty fashion girl, a new bride and a big DIY-er. I read several of the same blogs that she reads so just hop on over and check out her list.

So here are my blog nominees:
Joel and Kitty Hurdle - they are co-workers and really fun. They're just really real blogging all of life - ministry, what God is teaching them and renovation stories.
Larissa - She is a sweet girl who does amazingly well as pretty much anything she puts her mind to. She is pursuing new experiences and blogs about them with photos. She's also an incredible cake maker/decorator.
Sarahbeth is a friend from back home (SC). She blogs about her life, little girls (I can relate) and what God is teaching her. I enjoy the realness of her journeys.
Lisa is another friend from back home who shares about her life (really regularly for a mommy LOL) what God is doing in her life, her natural living journey and her sweet children.


Finally, here are seven random interesting things about me: If you want more, check out the facebook list a did about a year ago.
  • 1. My parents and sister are simultaneously proud and confused by my natural living stuff - especially the medical (anti-mainstream) orientation.
  • 2. My only sister is almost 14 years younger than me - same parents (but my understanding is that we were both surprises).
  • 3.My hair is very, very thick. Until about two years ago everyone who ever cut my hair fussed at me for having such thick hair (33 years). Isn't that sad? That's why I am ultra-loyal to Bob @ Top of the Morn because he says my thick hair is great and I should keep it long.
  • 4. One of my favorite books is a business book called Good to Great.
  • 5. I was homeschooled and I did not wear gauchos (& still don't).
  • 6. My husband is my best friend - literally my very best friend.
  • 7. I think strategic planning is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend my time.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Homemade Hand Sanitizer

So last night I heard Faith (my two year old) crying. That's not too unusual - she typically quiets down fairly quickly and goes back to sleep. I had already been asleep two hours so I was at the "let me go back to sleep" groggy place. But I felt like I better check. So into the room I go. First I think -oh no a poopy diaper has leaked all over, but alas - it was vomit. Argh.

There has been a nasty stomach bug going around all over but I thought I had successfully avoided contact. Apparently not. Both my girls sleep in the same room, so keeping Gracie well while Faith tossed her cookies - that could be a challenge. Especially because it happened again at 5:30 a.m.

I cleaned up everything (I'll spare you the details, but I'm still running laundry this afternoon) and wanted to do something to clean the germs. If you are a regular reader to ETS , you may recall a post I did on natural cleaners. Well, last night I had an inspiration to create some sanitizer. I grabbed a bottle left over from some throat spray (I keep thing like that). I grabbed the tea tree oil and measured approximately 25 drops into the 4 ounce bottle and added water to fill it. I sprayed it all around the room.

I also sprayed both girls hands and mine. Then I was like - this is a great non-toxic hand sanitizer! So I thought I would share. In the picture, you can see that I have not gone to great lengths to make a groovy label. hey - it was the middle of the night and I didn't want to get to confused with something else. I suggest making some in advance - it doesn't get any easier in the middle of the night!