Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Coupon Follow Up

Okay, I did try the grocery game, and I also tried going online to find and print coupons. I want to say that if we weren't so far off the end of normal - those would be valuable pursuits. But we are, so they are not (for us). I was talking to a friend about Mambo Sprouts and their coupons you can find a Earthfare and Whole Foods. And because we avoid the refined sugars, a lot of the bars and things you can get in there are still outside of our diet. So....drumroll......I am giving up coupons.

I'm trying to learn where God wants me to place my energies. (caution, rabbit trail) I have been reading Strong Women, Soft Hearts (amazing). This book, added to several other awesome God--given inputs into my life right now, has been challenging me to focus on my real dreams and desires.

Since I really dream of eating all natural food obtained from local farmers, I realize that to save money I need to learn to eat more "in season," put things up for the winter, and make more frugal recipes. It feels good to let the coupons go. ;-)

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Larissa :) said...

I love coupons, but we eat all the junk food/refined sugars. Maybe you can still use coupons for toiletry items/cleaning supplies. I look for when harris teeter has tripple coupons, that on top of buy one get one free deals you can get things for next to nothing. Hope you guys are doing well!