Friday, July 30, 2010

Eight Babies die every night of SIDS - just in the U.S.

It hurts to know that on average, eight babies die every night from SIDS.

I am on a mission to make as many people as possible aware of the danger. SIDS is largely preventable! I have so much compassion for families that has lost babies to this shocking "unexplainable" death. It is for that reason that I share that SIDS is largely explainable AND preventable!

I have read pages and pages of research on this. Those experts that refute the studies have very little to stand on compared the avalanche of science that show a link to SIDS deaths and the chemical composition of our mattresses.

Simply summed up, the fire retardant chemicals create a chemical reaction to normally harmless fungi that puts a layer of heavy gas that "sits" on the top of the mattress. Physiologically adults are not susceptible. However, SIDS is the leading cause of death among infants over one month old.

We buy life insurance, we put up baby gates, we get immunizations (well, some of us LOL), we try to minimize any risk of hurt or death. We choose to spend money with hope - the hope that our efforts will see fruit. Wrapping a crib mattress is about $25. Is that a good investment?

In New Zealand, where all this "stuff" was nationally promoted, mattress wrapping was publicized as much as "Back to Sleep" here in the U.S. Results? Since 1994, tens of thousands of babies in New Zealand have slept on properly wrapped mattresses. Of those properly wrapped, there have been ZERO deaths to SIDS. Not everyone wraps in NZ, but of those that do, that is 100% effective. My baby gate doesn't promise that. My immunization documentation certainly doesn't promise that. Is it worth $25? It certainly is to us.


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April said...

Not trying to be a jerk-just a skeptic...if this is true, then how do we explain the babies who died of SIDS in their car seats or even in their parents' arms?

UNCG CRU said...
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Carra said...

One type of fire retardant reacts with neural-processes of the baby's brain. There are three main chemicals that are added to mattresses. I cried when I read about the baby that died literally in its mother's arms. But it had been dying slowly from the accumulation of acetylcholine which causes the nerves to stop transmitting to the brain. It's easy to be a skeptic, everything we are told by mainstream medicine is opposite of this. I say - it can't hurt and statistically speaking - it can only help (and it's cheap!)