Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Parenting...in a new light

I have a son. I have been living with daughter/s for well over eight years. Gracie has certainly given us some scares and two trips to the ER.

However, there is a spunky kind of dangerous delight that seems to dwell in our son of 20 months. Zade loves buttons. He seems uneffected by disciplinary measures. He has learned how to turn on the dishwasher. He has learned how to unplug (and unfortunately plug back) electrical cords.

This week he learned how to give his mama a freakout. I lose him pretty frequently but mostly inside our house so I know I'll locate him eventually. But today he was outside. I had seen him less than 2 minutes ago and now he was gone.

I can now tell you that Zade has learned how to unlatch the rabbit pen and crawl inside. Completely inside. Gratefully he has not (yet) learned how to close the door behind him. Boy found.

Now about the picture...Pete noticed today that due to the number of repurposed items we have in our house, our den has the potential of trapping a small boy inside. We have doors that came from other places. Locks that require keys. Keys we do not own. Given his propensity for curiosity, one little "push" or "twist" and Zade very well could lock himself in our den leaving us no choice but to destroy a perfectly good repurposed door.

So it's Tuesday, it's Duggar night on TLC and I plan to be sitting on the couch at nine. But between getting the kids to bed, I'm changing the door lock on the den. Tomorrow he might discover a new way to cause me to flip. But tonight, one less opportunity. And I guess I better hurry over to Lowes to see if they have a childproof lock for a rabbit pen.

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