Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Remodeling a Rental

Okay, is it silly to fix up and "remodel" a house that is not even yours? Probably , but I have a very tolerant and understanding husband. Mostly we have painted ugly wallpaper nice, neutral tones. Then I realized that there was more that paint can do.

BEFORE: Dining Room "gold" chandelier

And with a little paint: AFTER: ta da!

Classy, elegant, neutral, very, very cheap and not too much time.

Even though I really love a beautiful room, our bodies are too precious to needlessly expose to harmful toxins. Gratefully there is a low to zero VOC paint available at a very, very reasonable cost. Lowe's Home Improvement's Olympic Paint (more or less their generic brand) is one of the best. Sherwin Williams has the Harmony brand, but by far the Olympic is the most cost effective. Happy decorating!

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