Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Moving with a Natural Twist

Well, I am so excited to tell you that we are about to become homeowners! We've been renting over 3 years and because our current residence is slated to become a parking lot - we feel like it's a good time to move LOL.

Through a series of ways that only Christ could direct - we are planning to purchase a house across the street. So you will likely be invited to the journey of moving and decorating with a natural twist. I'm already recycling ;-) We're using boxes that would have been thrown out from a restoration company.

Because this semester is already delightfully busy (yes - delightfully, I really mean it), I want to pace myself in the process. I have not made any graham crackers, cheese or breakfast cookies lately. I am making yogurt and of course the required food for maintaining a husband and & two little monkeys.

To keep a steady pace of life (or maybe to try to achieve one), I'm packing five boxes per day. We will be moving sometime between Oct 1 and 20th. There are a few factors in that- I won't bore you. Anyway - there are boxes stacked high already and as soon as the camera batteries are recharged - you will have a photo to see for yourself.


Lisa said...

Congrats on your new house! Can't wait to hear more about it when you move in.

Thanks for posting about CSA. I need to look into that. Want to support local farmers!

Also, thanks for adding me to your blog roll. I have taken an involuntary sabbatical from blogging as I work through some issues. Looking forward to getting back into blog world, and I'm working on launching a new blog soon!

A word about sugar craving: I started seeing a chiropractor last month, and after about three adjustments my craving for sugar disappeared. I was a serious chocaholic--didn't think I could live without eating chocolate every day. Anyway, it's gone now, and I'm oh so happy! And it's not just the chocolate cravings that are gone, it's anything sweet! Woohoo!

Carra said...

That is awesome about the chiropractor helping rid the sugar cravings. I hope all is well (or getting better) so you can continue your blogging. I'll link up to the new one once you roll it out ;-)

Lisa said...

Just saw your comment on my blog. Thanks for the tips. I will try those things if I ever get another one, which I am praying I never do!

I was able to get rid of the UTI after two days. On Tuesday, I felt great, and I had no symptoms. I continued with the juice and other things but at a decreased amount. On Wednesday, the UTI came back with vengeance! I kept fighting it, and my chiro suggested mega doses of Vitamin C. After three days, I couldn't take it anymore. I was nauseaus, had diarrhea, and my kidneys were starting to ache. Not a good sign. I called my family doc on Saturday, and he called in a two-day antibiotic for me. By that time, I was so ready for the drugs! I fought hard, but I just couldn't beat it.

I'm feeling pretty good today--just a little nausea.

I remember your posts about your strep throat. That is great that you beat it!

Thanks again for the tips. The assistant at my chiro's office has a degree in naturopathy. I'm going to ask her about the colloidal silver.