Sunday, May 16, 2010

"Real Simple" ...real dangerous

Pardon me, don't let me accidentally drop this on your foot. But my soapbox is getting a little dusty and I'm just compelled to bring it out to comment...

So I got a deal last fall for a subscription to Real Simple (RS) magazine for $5. I'm glad it was such a deal. RS is a thick, visually appealing magazine with articles that sound interesting. A ton of friends read it and just love it. I'm...well... read on...

It is mainstream... I know that Covergirl, Revlon and Loreal are major advertisers - of course they're not going to talk about the dangers of most makeups.

BUT - this got me riled up. Title of the article: "Sunblock, solutions for every excuse not to wear sunscreen." The excuse they were battling was "I want to get enough Vitamin D."
RS's retort: "Some research links vitamin D deficiency to cancer, heart attack and diabetes. But why risk wrinkles and cancer when you can get vitamin D from food and supplements?" (page 108, June 2010 issue)


Watch your toe again... God made the sun. God made the sun to literally create vitamin D inside our bodies. We were not made to worship the sun (or the tan it offers). But there is sooooo much research to show that we are doing far more harm than good by running from the sun.

I used to use sunscreen all summer long, but not anymore. Here are a few interesting pieces from a recent Mercola article (you have to register your email to read the rest, but access to this level of research is so worth a few more items in your inbox - and it's free)
  • While excessive sun exposure can increase certain types of cancer, there is a good deal of research that shows that exposure without sunburn actually decreases the likelihood of melanoma.

  • Your body produces the most active form of vitamin D in existence -- calciferol. Also known as vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is actually the precise form your body needs for the proper functioning of your organs and cells.
  • The main chemical used in sunscreens to filter out ultraviolet B light is octyl methoxycinnamate. OMC for short. OMC was found to kill mouse cells even at low doses. Plus, it was also shown to be particularly toxic when exposed to sunshine. And guess what? OMC is present in 90% of sunscreen brands!

Well, I try not to wear sunscreen except when I will be out prolonged times that I simply cannot control to I'm in intense sun my body is not used to (like the beach). There are lots of ideas for safely enjoying the sun without a chemical bath. So join Mercola and read up on the best ways to enjoy the sun. Enjoy your Real Simple magazine for the cute decorating ideas, organizing tips and photos, but find your health advice elsewhere.



Lisa said...

I agree, Carra. We definitely need the sun. I read we need about 20-30minutes of sunshine every day (without sunscreen) to produce enough Vitamin D.

I burn easily, so I definitely need sunscreen for longer periods of time at the pool and the beach, but I don't wear it when I go outside for normal activities.

Hey, did I see you on Sunday at BCBC? I was driving in the parking lot, and I thought I saw you and Pete walking up the sidewalk. I wish we could have connected! We would love to have you visit our class sometime and share what God is doing in your lives.

Abby said...

Sorry I posted on the wrong post. Oh technology overwhelms me. I'm still on this wrinkle thing.

Michelle said...

I'm surprised you haven't gotten any uproarious comments from some of those Real Simple lovers! I concur with you on the magazine though - fun ideas, but not a great source for health info.

Carra said...

Thanks Michelle - I was bracing myself too LOL