Monday, July 26, 2010

Midwife Visit

I want to invite you to one of my first visits with my midwife (Debbie). She also helped me through the two miscarriages earlier this year - so this wasn't the first visit, but the first visit of this pregnancy.

Debbie is great for many reasons - one of which is that she has grown children. Many midwives are also mothers of young children, so for prenatal care, you go to their house. Debbie has said she feels like as a service and blessing to the home birthing mommy, she comes to my house. (Here we are in our living room.)

Prenatal care for home birth is very similar to mainstream OB care. Debbie will see me once a month for the first several months, then every three weeks in third trimester, every other week, then every week as we count down to the last few weeks.

She brings fetal scopes, Doppler, tests my blood for sugar, iron and tests my urine for about 8 different things. [aside: I hate getting my finger pricked - in the doctors office or at home - I'm somewhat of a baby when it comes to that.] She also checks my blood pressure and asks questions about how I'm feeling.

The video below shows me laying on my couch in the living room right after Debbie found the heartbeat. After the two miscarriages this year - it is one of the most beautiful sounds!

The whole visit lasts about an hour and a half (that's all interaction, not reading "Parents" magazine in the waiting room LOL). It never feels rushed. It is prenatal care but its also a "visit" from a very knowledgeable friend.



Lisa said...

Yay! So awesome to hear that little baby's heartbeat! Thanks for sharing your happy moment with us (and your midwife visit!).

Sorry I have been silent for a while. I have been thinking of you and praying for you and this new little baby, ever since you sent me that email a couple months ago, which I never responded to :-(

Rejoicing and praying with you, friend!


Larissa :) said...

YAY! That's such an amazing sound! So excited for you guys! I say it's a boy! What do you think it is??

Tricia F said...

That IS a beautiful sound! :)