Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Opening up a can of.......toothpaste

My little offhand comment about fluoride has sparked quite a bit of interest....

Aside: I couldn't think of a photo that made sense with fluoride dangers and I've already posted our toothpaste. So I decided to add a random bathroom photo. Here's how I justify it: We filter our drinking water, shower heads and avoid fluoride in toothpaste, making our bathroom a safe place to play. :-)

Fluoride: I've linked some articles at the end of this post but here are my personal reasons (most convincing for me) why we avoid it.

It is a waste product of industrialization. The form that is added to our water is not the same that exists in nature. When we introduce things that our bodies do not recognize it typically produces toxins.

It you read your mainstream toothpaste, it basically has a poison warning label. Not for children under 2 - call poison control if ingested etc., etc. I remember being warned at the dentist - do not swallow the fluoride wash! BUT.... the mouth is one of the most absorbent areas of the body. Soaking my mouth in poison seems like a bad idea.

you really want the data, check out these links:

Coming soon... More water oriented blogging - taking a cleansing bath. Still trying to figure out those pictures!


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