Saturday, January 1, 2011

Guest Post From Aunt Abbi

Salutations, blog readers! This is an extra-special post because it is written by Carra's one and only kid sister.  I'm sure you have been eagerly awaiting birth news, so without further ado I am pleased to announce - it's a boy! His name is Zadok, after a keeper of the ark of the covenant during King David's rule (check out 2 Samuel 15 if you're still curious).  As you may have noticed from earlier posts, Zad took his own sweet time in getting here, and my sis decided to resort to the stuff of legend - Eggplant Parmesan. Supposedly, every woman who is great with child has given birth within twelve hours of eating the dish.

 Here Carra is, holding her Eggplant Parmesan at 9:25pm on December 27th.  Zadok was born at 9:31am on December 28th. So for all you expectant moms out there, depending on your state of readiness, either watch out or eat up! :)


 I arrived with the rest of my family to welcome Zadok into the world later that day. Both mommy and baby were looking pretty sharp.

We are enjoying the newest addition to our clan, and I have certainly enjoyed this opportunity to share him with you. Rather than ending my post with a standard emoticon, I'll let Zadok show you how I feel:

Happy New Year!

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