Friday, May 27, 2011

Ready to Drink Deeply

We are getting ready to spend several weeks out in Colorado at the National Staff Conference.  I realize spend a lot of my life thinking about feeding... feeding our family, feeding our staff, feeding our students (organic muffins, regular muffins and boxed brownies respectively LOL).  I enjoy planning events and programs, mentoring young women and much of the other various activities of ministry.  One think I don't spend much time doing is reflecting.  I spend time reading my Bible and prayer journaling, but not a significant time examining and reflecting.

One thing I love about the conference (every other year) is the opportunity of be fed myself. To drink deeply of Christ and challenged to think deeply about Him. 

One of the speakers coming is Francis Chan.  I knew the name but never read any of his books or heard his talks.  I just watched this video and it just reminded me of what I'm headed for. 

It's a curious phenomenon.. to be really challenged and yet refreshed. But that is exactly what it is.

I'm thirsty. Bring it on.

Love, Carra

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