Thursday, June 30, 2011

Natural and Frugal Traveling

So we are in Colorado for six weeks. That's too short of a time to bring the whole world. That's too long of a time to live out of suitcases and eat off of disposables.

So my many years of diligent practice in thrift stores are paying off. The entire table set here has been purchased from Goodwill (no Salvation Army Family Store in Fort Collins) and yard sales. The tablecloth is actually a fabric shower curtain! I did purchase the food at a real grocery store LOL!  My top five favorite finds have been:
 5. The cool green napkins I found at Goodwill (I plan to take these home)
 4. A tiny lamp that works as a nightlight that has a little brown elephant on it (also coming home with us)
 3. Several long sleeved t-shirts that I just found a t Walmart for $2 each for the girls (organic cotton no less)
 2. A VCR at a yard sale for $4 and a TV at Goodwill (27 inch behemoth) for $7 (cable is included no extra charge)
 1. An "under the bed" plastic bin *filled* with clothes hangers (enough for all our clothes) for $1!

I miss blogging!  I would say I was committing to blogging more frequently again, but I don't want to make promises I can't keep.  I do have huge intentions of sharing lots of stuff.  I still need to share about my natural make up, immune boosters, and what we are learning about lately.  Thanks for visiting your sporadic blog poster!

Love, Carra


Michelle said...

I support blogging more regularly! Don't know how my support will help make that goal become a reality, but just wanted to let you know it's out there.

Anonymous said...

Carra, I've never seen RV dining area look more beautiful!

Funny thing... I AM living out of my suitcase over here. No dresser.

Tricia F said...

sporadic posting is better than none at all. ;)