Friday, September 2, 2011

Natural renovations... a reflection of life

I know it's a little 80's... but don't ya see the potential? Pete's not so sure either. Right now campus stuff is just intense and very mentally & physically time-consuming. I think my desire the have a completion point draws me back to the bucket of paint.
What I am so excited about what God has allowed us to do with our lives is invest in college students. It is a privilege (and a rush) to see lives transformed by the true Christ.
Most of my energy is spent handling behind-the scenes things; with Pete in a much expanded leadership role..."behind the scenes" is for a much bigger stage.
So what is it about random ugly pieces of furniture that draws me in?
1. I love watching something beautiful come about.
2. Unlike ministry, there is an end-point. Spiritual growth is unpredictable. But black paint will create black furniture. This provides balance in my life LOL!
3. It reminds me that perfection isn't everything. Each piece I redo has some "uniqueness." So far, I haven't found knobs I like and the thing no longer wants to shut all the way. I'll mess with it more later; see if I can remedy that.
Hope you enjoy a wonderful Labor Day!
Love Carra

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