Monday, February 15, 2010

I dream of a china cabinet... (part two)

I'm sorry that I made you wait soooo long to see the results of our transformation (part one). This is my favorite kind of project.

  • Thrifty: We bought the cabinet for $75 off craiglist
  • Green and Natural: Paint is Zero VOC Olympic paint from Lowes (called Heavy Cream)
  • Collaborative: My husband and mother-in-law participated in the sanding and painting

This was my first foray into "real" furniture.
I admit that I was intimidated to go after such a big project. And compared to a new cabinet - $75 is waaay cheap. But if really mess this up - $75 is a significant loss to my "furnishings" envelopes. But I'm really happy with how it turned out. Thanks for stopping by!



April said...

Love it!!!

There'a an award waiting for you at my blog! Come check it out if you'd like:

Kate said...

Hi Carra,

My name is Kate Williams. My parents are Tim and Cathy Leslie. I was talking to my mom about reading The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone and she thought of you. Obviously she sent me a link to your blog. I look forward to looking at what you have to offer. I went to the chiropractor today and decided just to stop over to our little health food store...I found earth balance butter in the tub and also a jar of brown rice syrup. So excited! Anyway, just wanted to say hello.

Carra said...

I hope this triggers your email or something ;-) I really love, love your mom - both of your parents but your mom was a huge influence on me as I was learning how to be a new bride. It still have (and make) her honey dips. Glad you stopped by!