Friday, March 12, 2010

Homemade Hand Sanitizer

So last night I heard Faith (my two year old) crying. That's not too unusual - she typically quiets down fairly quickly and goes back to sleep. I had already been asleep two hours so I was at the "let me go back to sleep" groggy place. But I felt like I better check. So into the room I go. First I think -oh no a poopy diaper has leaked all over, but alas - it was vomit. Argh.

There has been a nasty stomach bug going around all over but I thought I had successfully avoided contact. Apparently not. Both my girls sleep in the same room, so keeping Gracie well while Faith tossed her cookies - that could be a challenge. Especially because it happened again at 5:30 a.m.

I cleaned up everything (I'll spare you the details, but I'm still running laundry this afternoon) and wanted to do something to clean the germs. If you are a regular reader to ETS , you may recall a post I did on natural cleaners. Well, last night I had an inspiration to create some sanitizer. I grabbed a bottle left over from some throat spray (I keep thing like that). I grabbed the tea tree oil and measured approximately 25 drops into the 4 ounce bottle and added water to fill it. I sprayed it all around the room.

I also sprayed both girls hands and mine. Then I was like - this is a great non-toxic hand sanitizer! So I thought I would share. In the picture, you can see that I have not gone to great lengths to make a groovy label. hey - it was the middle of the night and I didn't want to get to confused with something else. I suggest making some in advance - it doesn't get any easier in the middle of the night!



April said...

Cool! How does tea tree oil disinfect? Is it just known for that? that may be a confusing question...

Lisa said...

This is funny. I just read your this post on Friday, and then Caleb gets a stomach virus the next day. When I was spraying Lysol, I thought, I really need to get some tea tree oil and other natural disinfectants! I need to plan ahead!

I keep meaning to research natural cleansers more, but I spend most of my time researching food stuff. Just need to bite the bullet and do it!

Thanks for the idea!!