Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sick Kid (I'm Pregnant and We Didn't Paint)

Well, you know I tend to blog about whatever is going on in my life.  This is no different.

Just an update - we didn't get to paint Pete's office :( It was sad that he will be spending another semester in a dark space (well, when he's home at least LOL). It was going to be transformed from all darkish wood to nice cream color with the shelves white. We have gallons of Mythic non toxic paint in the closet waiting for us.....

Ok, another part of my life --- "ta da" I'm not just gaining weight and getting paunchy. Coming March 25 (give or take) we will have baby number 4! I'll tell you some more about this pregnancy soon.

But the other main part of my life that is taking my attention is my biggest girl. My normally energetic 8 year old has been lethargic and complaining of a sore throat but no stuffy nose. I know you're thinking, "Strep?" I really hope not. Her fever is very low grade so that is a promising sign. In addition to consulting the ONE that created her (i.e. prayer), we have been employing homeopathic remedies.

How have we been treating it?
1. Rest!
2. Vitamin D (2000 iu twice a day)
3. Colloidal silver - half an ounce a couple of times a day, sprays as needed for discomfort as well as ear treatment (whole post coming this week)
4. Old Indian Wild Cherry Bark (before bed and middle of the night if necessary)
5. Garlic capsules (once a day before bed)
6. Water
7. Pineapple juice and warm water (1/3 juice to 2/3 water as warm as she can handle) couple of times a day.

These remedies are pretty much what we do for us as well - just increase the amounts.  And of course I chew raw garlic.

Love, Carra

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