Monday, September 10, 2012


Well sometimes a big sister,  swing, a slide and a little brother combine to form a minor head wound. Here is Zade with a bit of a bonk with a side of scrape.

We immediately put an ice pack on it (which he hated). Because it is an open wound, we did not apply an essential oil (also too close to the eye). I gave him some Arnica to help with inflamation. Then Pete sprayed it with collidal silver (which he loved). So he was sprayed and sprayed and sprayed. This picture is while he's looking for the next spray. See the happy anticipation.

Granted, he looks a little beat up but he happily ate all his dinner (mexican casserole of sorts) with green beans. So another happy granola family story ends with effective homeopathic intervention.


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Gloria said...

Yeah for colloidal silver! It will probably heal in no time.