Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Macaroni and Cheese, with a natural twist

So since we do natural and largely "non-packaged food, a friend had asked how we did without cream of whatever soup in dishes. I thought about this version of the ever-so-kid-friendly dish -

Macaroni and Cheese

  • * Boil plain macaroni noodles (we use mainstream noodles, I need to find a decent price for organic, but these do not have any msg or pretend msg). I'm looking into a better alternative
  • Make a rue. Fry some butter and flour until light brown, add salt and pepper. Add water (cup-ish) and boil until it thickens up. Then add milk (cup-ish) and simmer until it's thickened again.
  • Grate some fresh cheese (we usually use colby or mild cheddar) - about half a cup into the creamy stuff.
  • Add this to the macaroni noodles and add more salt, pepper, little garlic powder and some basil.
It makes enough for us to eat two meals or fill in the gaps of a lighter meal.

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Ashlee said...

My mom makes mac and cheese like this... i was surprised to see the question at the top asking how you do without "cream of" soups in mac and cheese.. ive never heard of that...

We've also frequently done a recipe that melts butter then adds and chopped up onion till soft add a little ground mustard then the pasta then the same amount of water and let simmer till pastas cooked then we just at the same amount of cheese and eat!! Its soo cheesy and good :)

p.s. i love your blog :)