Thursday, January 14, 2010

Life is hard, God is good

Update: Miscarriage is complete - I feel very at peace. I appreciate your prayers greatly - they have sustained me throughout this.

I'm having a tough day. I'm losing my baby today. It started yesterday - we tried several things to slow things down with the hope of saving the baby. But most likely my body began to release this little one at least a week ago. My body is now doing the work to complete the miscarriage.

I was praying/journaling last night and I wrote "because God is sovereign, I don't have to fear." This passed through His hand and I trust that He will give me strength. I'm sad but at peace. I would appreciate your prayers for my strength and healing.


April said...

Love you!! Am praying!

Anonymous said...

sweet Carra, i'm praying for ya'll.

Anonymous said...

Oh Carra, we are praying!