Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Shelf Story

Well I realized that I just threw out the shelf photo earlier without giving it all it's due. Can I tell you home much I really, really love these open shelves?

We received a huge blessing of some mega-discounted "someone wanted something better" appliances yesterday. My wonderful husband (and a generous student-friend) drove approximately 10 hours in a 15 foot moving truck to go to SC to retrieve these things.

It cost about $300 for the rental, the discount price and the gas. However the refrigerator alone would have cost between $800 to $1000 new. Plus we also got a cabinet that has the built in trashcan. Pete will incorporate it into the new kitchen layout. Can you imagine me grinning? - it's happening right now.

So I'm saving the "totally painted" shelving for a reveal when I finally commit to how I want to lay them out. I've never had such a cool element and I'm trying different decor elements. Ideas?

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