Sunday, January 3, 2010

Resolutions and Renovations

Well, my blogging has been lighter because I just have been nauseous. One of my resolutions of the year is to learn how to spell nauseous. I am ridiculously dependent on spell check for that word. It really doesn't look like it should be spelled that way, but I think if I can take all these pregnant hormonal brain cells and dedicate them to the task - I can learn to spell the word "nauseous."

In a couple of weeks I'll be into my second trimester and I have high hopes of not needing to type, text or write that word quite as much. But hey - I have all of 2010 to learn it.

So renovations...
Pete has done an amazing job of laying out the rest of the kitchen. Our next hurdle is selecting the colors and finishes. I am currently campaigning for a cork floor. (Don't you love this photo? I can so see this in our kitchen!) It sounds perfect for a natural family kitchen. My favorite part is having a softer floor since I spend a lot of time on my feet in the kitchen. What do guys think? This Old House has an instructional video on installation. Hey, if they can do it...


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