Friday, March 19, 2010

Stuffy Noses and Bonked Heads - I heart essential oils!

A few days ago I shared the homemade hand sanitizer with Tea Tree oil. Did you know that tea tree is both antiviral, anti-fungal? It is one of the most powerful antiseptics and has no known allergic reaction. It is a true favorite.

So I am a big fan of the essential oils in a bottle. My favorite or at least most frequent use of any oil is eucalyptus and water. I call it the "Stuffy Nose, But Not Full-Tilt Cold Nighttime Spray" (SNBNFTCNS for short)

SNBNFTN Spray Recipe
20 drops of eucalyptus into a 8 ounce bottle of water

Spray all around the room where your stuffy-headed sweetheart is sleeping. Be careful because the spray will drop down and can irritate the eyes. Spray away from faces, especially yours. :)

How do you like the shiner on Faith? Another common reason we use oils is for pain killer. Faith decided to hurry out a door that was partially closed. It popped out right away and I dashed upstairs with her to grab an oil. Lavender is my first pick for the "Hit My Head" need but it was in the van. So the most available one? Tea tree. :-) I dropped two drops on my finger and lightly applied it to her head. She stopped crying immediately - I'm absolutely serious. These oils are mega-super-ultra amazing for immediate pain relief.

If she had fell and hit her leg, I would have dropped it directly on the leg. But since oils are so strong, I use extra precautions when using around the face. The vapors (as mentioned above) can get into their eyes. They usually dislike that.

So if you are a newbie to the essential oils deal - grab a bottle of eucalyptus, lavender and tea tree. If you buy at Earthfare or Whole Foods probably cost around $30 for all three. If you buy online (my fav is Lucky Vitamin) - you can get them for about $16 plus shipping. Plan to be amazed!



Lisa said...

Thank you, Carra! I'm going to get some at Whole Foods. You know you are my hero, don't you!?! :-)

Lisa said...

Two questions:

First--What kind of pillows do you guys use (including your kiddos)? My chiro recommended one of those memory foam pillows, but they are made of polyurethane, which I believe is toxic. I have found some natural latex pillows online, but I'm thinking latex is probably not the most comfortable thing to rest your head on. Basically, I'm looking for something organic but will also support the neck and spine properly.

Second--How much colloidal silver have you taken in one day? The kind I take is 10 ppm, and it says you can take up to 7 teaspoons a day. I think the most I've taken is 2 or 3 tsps. I'm overly cautious, but I don't want my skin to turn blue! I'm still having trouble getting rid of these recurring UTIs, and I'm thinking I'm not taking enough silver.

Thanks, Carra!

Lisa said...

Hey Carra,
It was great to talk to you on the phone today. Thank you for calling and for taking the time to listen.

Thank you for all you do to further the Kingdom of God. It is a privilege for us to partner with you! Thanks for taking the time to call and thank us. Wow, it is humbling to know you are praying for us. We so appreciate it!