Sunday, April 25, 2010

I (heart) Green Juice (and so do our kids!)

So we had some friends come visit to learn more about the work we do with college students here in NC. Because they stayed in our house, they quickly noticed that we are a "little bit different." I love telling our story of the process we are taking with natural eating, natural medicine and making our home clean (safely!)

Our morning routine has had some changes over the last few months. But one thing has been consistent for over three years - Ben Kim's Greens! Our friends were laughing with surprise at both girls running eagerly chanting "green juice, green juice!"

Every morning we mix a teaspoon of the green powder, teaspoon of food grade diatomaceous earth, and half a teaspoon of acerola cherry for a vitamin C boost (especially helpful during allergy seasons) with water and some orange or apple juice. Mix it all up and drink! Yum.

Aside: My two midwives were very encouraging of the use of the Greens. When I gave birth to Faith as well as following the two miscarriages this year - I boosted my body with Ben Kim's Greens about four times a day.



Joel said...

Hey girl! Love reading your blog...I read your "about me" section just now and thought...huh, I LOVE her advice!! No apologies needed over here :) xoxo

Joel said...

Didn't realize I was signed in under Joel :) This is KITTY :)

Michelle said...

That is an awesome picture of Gracie!!