Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Inexpensive Zero VOC Paint

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

May I introduce myself. I'm Carra and I love "the old ways" as long as they are natural. I'm practicing homeschooling (getting ready for fall), planning a garden for the first time (we've been renting until just last November) and always trying to learn about new ways to care for my family using natural medicine, green cleaners and anything I can discover to promote health and improve the quality of life for my family. I love God extremely much. If you're on a natural journey like me, let me know!


Did you know that Lowe's Home Improvement is my favorite place for paint? Their store brand Olympic was low VOC before "low VOC" was cool.

My favorite area of the store? That shelf.... Tucked away near the paint counter in a "not too noticeable place." What can you find? Mistints! Even the zero VOC Olympic paint gets placed there. My favorite day to visit is Mondays. They seem to have a good selection then.

Completed Zero VOC "Green" Paint Projects:
  • Painted the trim on the window and one entire wall in the loft playroom. - $5.00
  • Painted walls in the loft playroom from aqua to a calm tattered sail - free (leftover paint)
  • Painted all bathrooms a nice neutral light gray (I like to change out bathroom decor frequently so I don't like to make commitments to wall color - free (more leftover paint)
  • Painted the lovely moss/sage/clover (hope to be baby room again) whole room - $5.00
  • Splurged on full price paint for the Irish Lace in the girl's room - $25

  • Paint exterior doors (not zero VOC, b/c strong paint needed) - dark taupe - $5.00 (have it)
  • Paint hallway in basement (bought two similar cream colors - plan to pour both in a bucket, mix them up and have one uniform color for the space). - $5.00
  • Paint dresser that I purchased from Salvation Army Thrift Store (my favorite!) dark pink - $2.50

Wow, what a list. We moved October 31st and we have several family difficulties and losses. But on the whole, I feel pretty good about the accomplishments.

Here's the den door before I went all "mistint:"

And here is the after photo. I enjoy what a little paint can do! May all your "before and afters" be naturally healthy ones!


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