Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Teeth, Teething and Toothpaste

One of my sweet friends (and new mom) from TN emailed me yesterday. She wanted to know how we handled teething. So I began to reflect on our natural oral care.

It's interesting how long teeth issues are well, "issues." Gracie is almost six and has not lost a baby tooth yet. Faith is almost three and is currently cutting some molars.

When Gracie was three months old Pete and I began seeing a chiropractor. Gracie went along to the appointments and Dr. Bourg offered to adjust her as well (for free - yay!). He recommended giving Gracie silica tablets to strengthen her teeth.

We picked up a bottle and began giving her four tablets, twice a day. We have run out a few times, but for must of her life we've been giving silica tablets at bedtime and nap. Faith started on silica when she was about three months old as well.

The tablets dissolve quickly and have very little taste. However the girls think they are like candy. When they were tiny, we'd press one tablet at a time into their mouth. if I could get it under their tongue, I would. Once the teeth began popping out - that became dangerous. Baby teeth are sharp! But they always liked taking their silica. And that's the only thing we've done with aid to teething.

Last minute aside - And while we're taking about oral health - let me share our toothpaste. We used to use Nature's gate but now we use Xyliwhite toothpaste. May I encourage you to consider a fluoride-free product for your mouth.



Lisa said...

I'm going to look into the flouride-free toothpaste. It's funny, I have had a feeling in the past few weeks that I need to look into a natural toothpaste, but I have been avoiding it. I guess I can be kind of lazy sometimes about the research part of going natural. It just seems like so much work! Okay, whining over. I know it will be worth it in the end!

I bought your recommended essential oils a few weeks ago! I have been spraying the tea tree oil to disinfect the bathrooms and kitchen. Haven't used the lavender or eucalyptus yet. The lavender probably would have help Chelsea's feet this week with her bruises from the serum sickness, but I didn't think about it until yesterday.

Carra said...


That's awesome! I was just emailing Dorothy from BCBC about flouride. I'll try to do a follow up post. And yay for essential oils! I'm so glad. Yeah - lavender is so gentle and effective - I bet it would help. I have an ingrown-esque toenail the other week and was dripping oil on it twice and 3x a day - esp to sleep.

And yes - the toothpaste will be an easy choice - definitely worth it!
Love, Carra