Monday, October 10, 2011

Confession #10 - Birth Control, part one

My Pill Testimony:

I took birth control pills for several months early  in our marriage (10 plus years ago).  I gained some weight and felt bloated most of the time.  But we didn’t want kids (at the time) and so I  did it.

Pete had just started a new job and became friend with a guy named Rick.  Rick (who boldly brings up personal topics) brought up the subject of us using birth control.  He challenged Pete to research the pill and pray about finding the truth about the dangers of the pill.  We first dismissed it.

But after a while we finally checked into it. I found and read the actual clinical summary published by the pharmaceutical company that produced my “pill.”  Way down the article was one small line that changed everything about my perspective toward birth control pills.

It was a tiny phrase that (sorry I can’t remember the actual wording). It said sthat the function of the pill did all these things to suppress ovulation, thin mucus, etc.  But it also said that in the event of fertilization, it would prevent implantation.  That’s what got me….If we were to accidentally create a life (fertilization), this pill would prevent implantation (in essence, aborting it).  A cold chill went down my spine as I thought about what might have happened in my body.  I never took another pill.

The next time I went to my OB practice I asked about the pill.  One of the gynecologist confirmed that they were a pro-life practice.  I somewhat challenged him with my questions about the actual mechanics of it.  He finally said, “…it only matters if you’re a purist.” ...and I decided that I am.

We decided to use condoms for the time we are most likely fertile. Yes they cost money, but my hormones were mine again and we only had to use them when were “together” rather taking something all the time. --- And it gave us peace of mind.

Just recently I have found the Fertility Awareness Method and I’m sooo excited.  That means for a good chunk of my life I can freely experience being married w/o fear or guilt.  In love, I ask you to consider it.

Tomorrow more birth control confessions and how the Fertility Awareness Method is awesome!

Love, Carra

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