Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Confession #18 - Fresh Produce?

Maybe it's third kid syndrome.
Maybe it's a lazy mama.
Or maybe...
Here's little man hanging out with me while I peel some potatoes I just got in my CSA from Faucette Farms. I know they are organic. But I wouldn't let him gnaw on even just any organic veggie. That's what I love about knowing where my food comes from (literally, I've seen their fields). If you haven't pursued a CSA or other local (organic or no sprays) farm, I highly recommend it.
It may seen like summer (and fresh produce) is behind us, but if you live in the south, you really will have fresh produce year-round. In fact, one of my favorite powerhouse foods is grown even in the dead of winter here. I'll share how my sister-in-law taught me to make kale chips once that delightful green starts showing up in my bag.
And if you are really going natural, follow Zade's example and just grab a raw potato and have at it! I prefer mine cooked with sea salt and real butter.
Love, Carra

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