Sunday, October 9, 2011

Confession #9 - Labeling Lunacy

Oh how I love a good label.  Here are a couple of examples of the extreme home labeling (I could have a reality show).

So this photo is our "medicine cabinet."  We have a small quantity of herbs, homeopathic meds, colloidal silvers, supplements and diagnostic equipment.  No, it's not neat, but it is moderately organized and certainly labeled!

The top shelf is extra floradix (found on sale - that vitamin is expensive!) and raspberry, mint and various other tea leaves (bought in bulk because it's cheaper).

Here are my spices.  Did you know you can buy organic spices from Earthfare in bulk?  You can purchase spices in small glass jars (avg $6 each) or from the prepackaged baggies (avg $3 to $4 each).  But you can save significantly by scooping your own (avg. $2 each).  Tip: at least at Earthfare, those are in the kept on supplements aisle.

I bought two flats (12 each) of these one cup jars and lids for about $12. (and yes, these little jars are in alphabetical order).  So you can use organic spices in all your cooking, consider buying in bulk (alphabetization optional :-)

Love, Carra

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