Saturday, October 22, 2011

Confession #22 - Trying not to Stink

Since puberty, I've had this reoccurring issue.  It's called sweat.

Research has shown a correlation between aluminum and Alzheimer's. So deodorant / antiperspirant with aluminum is not an option for me. (Alzheimer's has occurrences on both sides of my family - no extra risks!)

So what's a girl to do to arm herself against stinky-ness? (pun intended)

I was doing some random research and googled, "Have you ever used toothpaste as deodorant?"  Some yahoo answers guy replied, "No, but I've used deodorant as toothpaste!"

I was talking with my sister one day and told her about the funny yahoo answers guy.  She laughed, then stopped and said, "you're serious?"

Yep, I've never used deodorant as toothpaste, but I have used toothpaste as deodorant.

Dentarome has been the most effective (albeit somewhat pricy).  You can only get this from Young Living Essential Oils.  However it only takes a tiny bit.  It also leaves you nice and minty fresh.  LOL!

I have bought some basic salt toothpaste made by Welda which is about half the cost.  I alternate between the two but Dentarome is what I make sure I have on for important occasions.  I have tried homemade kinds.  I used to use some made by some Amish friends.  But there is some component of it that gets on my clothes and stains.  So unless I'm just working around the house in clothes I don't really care about... My choice is toothpaste.

In fact, I'm wearing some right now...

Love, Carra

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