Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Confession #11 - Birth Control, part two

So yesterday I shared my story of discovering that birth control pills could be an abortafacient.  If you don't have strong pro-life positions, that may not be a problem to you.  For me, it was definitely something I didn't want to have to wonder about.

Since I've been pregnant, healing from miscarriage, pregnant, healing from miscarriage, pregnant, healing from birth and nursing....I haven't had to consider my options for "not getting pregnant" for quite some time.  But on one of our last visits, I asked my midwife what would be a good option.  She suggested Fertility Awareness Method.

FAM IS NOT natural family planning (NFP), but it has some similarities (another post with more details here).  I bought the book ($20 which is a lot for my book budget) and printed out some blank tracking sheets.  Let me just say, I have been having periods for over twenty-five years, birthed three children and lost two others. But in the two weeks it took me to read this book, I learned more about my fertility and cycles than all the rest of my life and experiences!

The program is not hard.  You take your temperature and you pay attention to what your body is doing.  It's just a habit.  The first two months were not habits and it was really annoying trying to remember to take my temperature before getting up. But once I got the hang of it - no problem!

And since I learned that I'm only truly fertile a few days a month, we can make choices that don't involve fear or worry about the consequences.   Now no birth control is 100% but if you take the time to learn it, pay attention and track it, it is a fabulous alternative to the standard birth control pill. FAM has also been a huge benefit to those trying to conceive a baby.  Since you "tune in" to your fertile time you can tell when (or even if) you ovulate.

I have recommended it to single non sexually active friends and family (female only of course) to begin tracking just to clue into the curious workings of the woman's cycle.  To know your body well enough to predict your period, etc.-- that's a pretty powerful tool.  Speaking of cycles, later this week...oh yeah, natural ...ahem...y'know... :-)

Love, Carra


Holli said...

Hi, I'm a new follower. The timing of your post is interesting, as I have posted about birth control the past 2 weeks. Here's my first post: http://kleinhauschaos.blogspot.com/2011/09/lil-controversy.html

<3 Holli

Anonymous said...

Carra, could I be the first to request to borrow your book?