Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Confession #19 - Effects of Working at the Library


I picked the 19th on purpose to save for this post since I began working at the library when I was only 19.  Wow.  Those were some crazy times and some awesome times.  I wish I could easily put my hands on the photos (not digital).  Alas...  Here are just a few of the effects of nearly a decade of working for a public library...

1. I discovered I enjoy eating broccoli, tomatoes and apples (although not at the same time).  Each of this foods were introduced to me while I was extremely hungry and felt I had no choice bit eat or die of starvation.  (remember I was a late teenager when I began working there so drama still hung around a bit LOL). Each was offered from a friend (and co-worker) at the library.  Who knew, healthy eating?

2. My vocabulary widened a ton.  Some highlights?  Wunderbar!  (who knew I would be later marrying into a predominately German family?, mishugina (Jewish term for crazy, was a nickname for a co-worker...fairly accurate).  I also incorporated snafu for a while until I learned what it stood for. ....oops!

3. I learned how to put together a costume.  I got to dress like Captain Hook, a unicorn from Harry Potter and Austin Powers for various Halloween and book events.  Now I know, are beginning to wonder about your friend....

4. Learned how to write a grant, how much coffee to make for 180 people, how to care for, transport, set up and teach from a mobile laptop lab.  I learned I had some good ideas and I learned that there were people who encouraged me to try.  BTW, we did get that grant!

5. Learned you could have some of the best buddies and work yourself so extremely hard and for not the ideal paycheck (it was a government job in the 90's/00's after all) and be totally jazzed about work the next day. I love my life now.  Wouldn't trade it!  *And* loved my library life!

 Love, Carra
P.S. - I already knew how to properly pronounce the word "library" not "lie-berry."

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