Saturday, October 15, 2011

Confession #15 - Marital Conflict

Yes,  things are not always rosy in our marriage. One thing that I tell our students who are headed toward nuptials, that you will have conflict (fights, issues, disagreements).  One thing our Sunday school teachers in our newlywed class told us 10 years ago has certainly held true... You only fight about three things or so.  The same three things will continue to resurface in different ways.

One of our issues is about sentimental items.  Pete has sentimental things that fit into boxes under our bed or on the shelf in his office.  I have sentimental furniture.  I have a chair - a pretty big chair that was my grandparents.  It doesn't quite match anything.  I've tried recovering it but it was one of my first projects and complicated and didn't turn out so well.  But we have it.  I want to keep it. Conflict settled but it will be back later.

Another item is this one in the picture.  It's the four tiered cast iron thing sitting on the table.  By the way, the cream urn thing is a water dispenser so that the girls can get filtered water easily.  It belonged to my grandparents on my mom's side.  The sad thing is - it's not really sentimental.  I just like it.  But Pete doesn't like it.  We have agreed to accept input on the thing from you guys - our blog family of sorts.

  • Is is cool or just old?
  • Would you paint it?
  • What would you use it for?
  • Is it an indoor or outdoor object?
  • Do you think it is in the right place?


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Michelle said...

I think you should only keep it if it becomes functional. If it had sentimental attachment, I would probably feel otherwise. But since it is just old, I would say it needs to be functional. I can see it being useful to store lil' bits of craft things - buttons, paper clips, etc.