Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Confession #25 - More preppy-ness

I have confessed my love of the natural makeup.  Now I need to share my toes with you.  My friend SC is creeped out by feet.  I kinda like feet.  Not the super smelly kind, but a standard clean foot is fine by me.  If you don't want to read about my feet, you may want to read elsewhere today.

You should know by now that I am picky about random things.  I am super picky about my bed.  It has to be made daily. If it have a wrinkle in the sheets when I lay down, I will get up in the middle of the night to straighten it out.  Yes, I know... poor Pete.

Well I also need to keep my toenails neat and my feet smooth.  I use a pumice stone in the shower, lotion afterward and regularly file down and paint my toenails.  If I feel a "rough spot"on my toenail in the night, I will get up and file it to smooth. Yes, I know...poor Pete.

Did you catch that I paint my toenails?  I just don't feel pretty (even if no one sees them) if my toenails are not painted.  But there are chemicals in those polishes (not to mention the smell)!

I'm so excited - for about five years I've been using Honeybee Gardens natural nail polish.  These are a water-based polish.  I love them for the fact that I can paint my toenails indoors (Pete used to ask me to go outside when I used mainstream polishes).  I have enjoyed being able to "girly-fy" my little ladies even when they were really young.

Quality: I have tried several colors over the years. Some do better than others.  My favorite is "Desire" which is a nice deep, pure red.   Mocha latte is a cool color but doesn't last very long.  Fairy dust is almost clear, so we've switched to Valentine (very pink).  Hippie Chick is a great bright lavender/purple - a true win for the 3 to 7 year olds (or the 36 year old on a bold day).  I've bought them from various places.  Sales vary so pick your colors and then just Google search your favorite online stores.

About my natural makeup...And I discovered that Buff Natural Nail Salon has no link to their makeup line on their website.  They really sell it! If you're in the Triad, NC - it's definitely worth a look.  They will do a "try it out" makeover thing for free but definitely call for an appointment!

Love, Carra


Jasmine said...

I LOVE Buff Nails! I love that it doesn't smell like chemicals in there! And the people are awesome! And if you are a first-timer and get a pedicure - they throw in a mani! :) YAY!

Anonymous said...

A Southern girl never leaves the hous without her toes and lips done. :-)