Thursday, October 27, 2011

Confession #27 - Trying to Learn a Weird Song

Just this year, we added to our home school life - Classical Conversations.  Actually it is misnamed, it should be Classical Silly Songs that Teach You Ridiculous Quantities of Information.  I guess that's a little long, though.  So we're learning some Latin, some English grammar rules, skip counting, science, music, art, history, etc.  Notice  I said "we."  I am having to really apply myself to learn as much as I can to help the kiddos review and "get" this stuff.  It is not easy!  But fun.

I am totally grateful for the program.  I think doing it independently would not be *impossible* but just keeping up with the program that has already been put together it challenging.  One thing I am really trying to get a handle on is the memorization of the entire of history (Biblical and secular mixed together) from Creation to Modern America.

I found some songs on youtube that we started using. Then my friend SC found this one.  Great 80's/90's vibe.  So if you hear me humming "We Didn't Start the Fire," I'm probably singing about about the unification of upper and lower Egypt under Pharaoh Menes.  Love, Carra

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