Saturday, October 8, 2011

Confession #8 - Fungus in the fridge

So this is how our fridge looks most of the time.  I cleaned up the WHOLE kitchen to take photos of the completed renovation.

However we are now in confession time and this is our reality.  It used to be worse, but I've moved most of our magnets to the deep freezer in the laundry room.  Some friends have a lot of stuff on their refrigerators but somehow it looks whimsically full.  I think ours (at least in this photo) looks a mess.

But I digress... The fungus.

We bought this fridge for $50, maybe $100 - I don't remember at the time. It was during one of my recent pregnancies.  Anyway... it was an amazing deal left over from an insurance claim.  It has fire damage.  Just a tiny bit and we really don't care about a little discoloration.  You see the front of it, shouldn't that point be obvious?  LOL!

So the fridge was a deal but it had to sit in a warehouse for while during the whole insurance claim part.  When we received it, we cleaned it really well inside and out.  And of course we replaced the water filter.  We have a more substantial water filter for the water we drink daily, but for guests and ice - wanted to provide fresh water.

After a friend clued us into the strange taste, we started periodically tasting the water to see if it was improving.  No.  The water was getting worse and worse.  My dad likes ice in his beverage (Diet Dr. Pepper) but he actually put the ice into a sealed ziplock bag inside his glass so the "whang" from the fridge ice wouldn't damage his drink.

So he (my dad) and Pete (my husband :-) took out various tubes and cleaned them, they removed this part at the back of the fridge...nasty water prevailed.   ...until last spring...our deep freezer died.  We called an appliance repair person to come and take a look.  They declared it more expensive to repair than the purchase of a new one.  As long as we had to pay the fee for coming out, we asked about the yucky fridge water.  He took a look inside the fridge and asked if we had replaced the reservoir tank.

Nope, didn't know it existed.  He said we could probably order it online and replace it ourselves.,  Generous guy.  Anything else outside of family appliance repair ability, we're calling him :-)  I'd tell you his name, but he might in trouble with his company.  So Pete researched online, found this thing the size of a child's shoebox, replaced it and yee haw... you can drink the water!

It's a little gross and embarrassing to know the fungus flavored water existed in our home for so long.  When your children run over the any guests and say, "no, don't get that ice!  that water is yucky!" for over a year.

But.... new filter, new reservoir, I left my children put the ice directly into their hot's ok...if I offer you a should taste fine :-)

Love, Carra


My Crafty Home-Life said...

No judgement. You are very honest!

Levi Eslinger said...

On the bright side, you’ve got that already fixed, and on your own too! But ideally, whenever something tastes funny with your water, you should get that checked a.s.a.p. You don’t know if your water tastes funny because it’s not filtered enough, or if it’s filthy enough to send you to the hospital. If you’re really concerned with the state of your household water, you can try and find out more info about water treatment systems for the whole house. Not just your drinking water, but also for bathing, laundry etc.

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