Monday, October 17, 2011

Confession #17 - When I blog...

Email can be guilt. I don't feel like I have time. But when I see three crock pots on the stove, I get inspired.  Before you know it, I grab my phone, snap a photo, attach it to an email, text a bit, and boom - blog post.  I blog a lot when I'm waiting for something.  It's as easy as texting.  So I begin typing random thoughts into my phone and later...they just might become a blog post! :-)

I just washed my face, sprayed colloidal silver on it (my face) and thought about my friend Casey.  She had just told me about this idea.  I'm going to spray silver on my face with the hopes of controlling hormone-induced breakouts.  I just tried it for the first time so I'll have to get back with y'all in a few months about my experience with effectiveness.

So that's the deep and detailed version of my process of blogging.  Random idea + random photo (if possible) + random musings. Hope you're enjoying the ride!

Love, Carra

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