Monday, October 17, 2011

Confession #16 - When in doubt, I rub it with oil!

OOOOPPPPSS!- I did this post yesterday but realized this morning that I pressed "save" instead of "post" so here's yesterday's post and I'll post today's a little later.  

I have a crazy cabinet full of supplements, remedies and medical assessment equipment of various sorts.  However for most things I usually put some sort of oil on it.  Essential oils are amazing.  Coconut oil is amazing.  So I don't always check the books of what is recommended.  If it hurts, burns, itches, puffs up, prickles, tickles or tingles....I put oil on it and almost always tea tree or eucalyptus.  If there is any openness in the wound I dollop it with coconut oil.

It usually works.  If at first it doesn't succeed, I'll go read the directions.

Love, Carra
P.S. - I purposefully waited to post today with the hopes that you would comment on my weird piece of art that I blogged about yesterday.  I really would love to know what you think of this thing! 

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