Saturday, October 29, 2011

Confession # 29 - Blog about nothing

I set a goal.  To blog everyday for the entire month of October.  I've already made it 28 days.  Today has been strange.  So this blog is just about a little random nothingness.  This week has been tough.  Last night Pete and I talked a while before bed.  We talked about our week and about doing something fun as a family. 

Then, we went upstairs.  It was cold.  The hvac for the upper floor (we live in a split level) was not working. We pulled out space heaters for the kids and added extra blankets for us. I woke up this morning with a cold nose LOL!

Pete spent the day trying to check connections, reading the stuck-together-due-to-moisture-becasue-it-was-left-in-the-crawl-space... manual.  The heat/cooling units are like 20 years old.  We can't get parts because appliance stores are only open weekdays.  So Monday - heat the other half of the house- we hope and pray. At this point, we're still hoping Pete can fix it.

But yay! - the downstairs is warm. So, tonight the girls will be camping out in the den.  Zade and Pete and I will use our two space heaters.

So I confess, I have nothing much to say.  Pete worked all day on the heat.  I tried to clean and get things moved around so he could work.  Right now, I have strawberry muffins in the oven and spaghetti on the stove.  I am so grateful that God provided a house with two heating units. I'm looking forward to some chill and rest (maybe even an episode of Amazing Race online.  I hope your (and my) tomorrow is a wonderful restful Sunday.

Love, Carra

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